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Based on survey data collected, the average cost-per-impression of a promotional product is now $0.004. By comparison, traditional forms of print and broadcast advertising are more expensive per impression.

The survey also showed that 84% of end-users remember the company logo on the advertising specialty items they receive. Of those who receive wearables (jackets, pants, scarves), a full 94% remember the advertising logo and company. Almost half of end-buyers have a more favorable impression of an advertiser after receiving an item.

According to the survey, nearly one-quarter of end-users would be more likely to do business with an advertiser on a promotional product they receive. Among those who receive recognition items like awards, 75% of end-users have done business with the advertiser.

Survey results found that bags, caps, T-shirts and pens deliver the most significant impressions per month. On average, bags achieve the best results, at more than 1,000 impressions per month. Pens remain the most-owned promotional product; among those surveyed, 20% use pens more than five times per day.

The ASI survey was conducted in June and July by teams of interviewers in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. Additional interviews were conducted online.